Checkmate Stops and Holders Installation Instructions

Checkmate Stops and Holders
Title Model # Document # Published
Inverted 2 Series OH80010A&B Jul 2016
Heavy Duty Concealed 1 Series OH80000A&B Jul 2016
Heavy Duty Concealed Less Spring 1LS Series OH80002A&B Jul 2016
Heavy Duty Concealed Adaptable 1ADJ Series OH80003A&B Jul 2016
Standard Duty Concealed Adjustable 2 Series OH80005A&B Jul 2016
Multi-Function Instructions 2 Series IS-502 Jul 2016
Standard Duty Concealed 5 Series OH80020A&B Jul 2016
Inverted Non Adjustable Concealed 5 Series OH80022A&B Apr 2016
Low Profile Concealed 6 Series OH80025A&B Apr 2016
Surface Cantilever Holder 7 Series OH80028A&B May 2009
Extra Heavy Duty Double Lever 8HD Series OH80050A&B Jul 2013
Heavy Duty Surface 9 Series OH80060A&B May 2009
Heavy Duty Surface Less Spring 9LS Series OH80064A&B Jun 2011
Angle Bracket Surface Mounted Pull Side Mount 9ADJ Series OH80090A&B Mar 2011
Heavy Duty Surface Non-Adjustable Pull Side Mount 9 Series OH80062A&B May 2009
Standard Duty Surface Adjustable 10 Series OH60065A&B Apr 2016
Standard Duty Surface Adjustable Pull Side Mount 10 Series OH80067A&B Jun 2012
Multi-Function Instructions 10 Series IS-5012 Jul 2016
Standard Duty Surface 55 Series OH80080A&B Apr 2016