Design Solutions

At RIXSON, we not only believe in our product's reliability, but its design and ability to blend in. Whether it be a pivot, concealed door closer, or electromagnetic door holder, our products are featured in buildings across the U.S., continuing the legacy and showing why RIXSON is still here today.

Architects around the globe select RIXSON products to bring their most imaginative designs to life. Whether your project encompasses a unique door design or requires a special layout, RIXSON has supplied exceptional door control solutions and expertise for more than 100 years. It's what you can't see that counts... design consultation, technical support and a cutting-edge manufacturing facility are the hidden assets that set RIXSON apart.


Unique Applications

RIXSON products are highly durable and have proven to offer a long life of reliability. Our broad portfolio includes solutions specifically designed to fit the needs of unique door sizes, weights, shapes, materials and thicknesses.

Custom Solutions

Rapid customization of door control solutions for non-standard applications are produced through the combined efforts of experienced in-house engineers and state-of-the-art manufacturing in Monroe, North Carolina.



Concealed Products

When the aesthetics around an opening simply cannot be disturbed , concealed door controls are the ideal solution. While mostly hidden, RIXSON floor and overhead concealed closers ensure doors function properly for security, code compliance and a great user experience.

Standard Products

With the industry's largest assortment of pivots and accessories, RIXSON offers the finishing touches designers need to add polish and protection in and around openings.