Does my door need a Pivot?

Every door and application in the modern age is a special case, each door needing to be both practical and capable of making a statement. From heavy glass openings to today's massively large doors and even those oddly shaped historical doorways, when are pivots required? RIXSON has both the product and expertise to ensure the proper function of virtually any opening.


Common Pivot Applications:

  • Extra heavy doors
  • Lead lined, thick doors
  • High frequency doors
    • Entrance or corridor doors
  • Doors subject to abuse
    • Delivery doors
    • Back of house areas
  • Where security is first priority
  • When beauty is a factor

Pivots are highly efficient, as well as insuring long life of both the door and frame assembly by keeping the weight of the door on the floor through screws in shear. Known for low maintenance, these are great for heavier and taller doors with better bearing capacity (door weighing almost nothing), the ability to adjust, and still aesthetically appealing, pivot sets are perfect for applications where appearance is a huge factor.