RIXSON Door Design & Specification Support

Need help with large, heavy or unusual door applications? The experts at RIXSON are here to assist with your design and specification support needs, offering a wide range of services for a variety of door types.

RIXSON has made significant investments to develop a strong group of knowledgable engineers and professional personnel who are trained and provided with valuable tools to meet your design, technical, specification and application needs. The team at RIXSON will work with you to:

  • Overcoming door design challenges
  • Offer door specification advice and support
  • Optimizing functions and operation of an opening
  • Provide technical door hardware support
  • Create ways to support specific designs and aesthetic choices
  • Meet door code requirements
  • Troubleshoot your design issues
  • Assemble door and design requests
  • Implement door hardware applications

The following information MUST be e-mailed prior to contacting RIXSON's technical department:

  • Door size (U.S. units only) width, height, weight and thickness
  • Drawings showing COMPLETE header, jamb, sill and door details
  • Drawing showing door elevation in plan
  • Do you want to hang the door or make it self-closing
  • Frequency of use, type of building and function/location of the door

Email: DesignSupport@rixson.com

NOTE:  E-mail drawings in Adobe Acrobat (PDF) format only.

Contact RIXSON for door design and technical support today!