Floor Closer Types

Is the door offset or center hung?  When door is in closed position....




Offset Floor Closers

Center Hung Floor Closers

• Spindle & pivot centerline located "off" the face of the door (3/4" or 1-1/2")

• Visible cover cap on arm
• Arm is not visible when installed – there may be visible adjusting screws on face of door at bottom arm location
• Arm attached to door when door is de-mounted • Arm attached to closer when door is de-mounted
• Door may have intermediate pivot(s) in addition to top pivot

• Top pivot only (walking beam type) – completely hidden when door is closed

What is the spindle configuration? Please refer to the diagram.


Is it single or double acting?

  • Double acting  – door swings into the room AND out of the room 
  • Single acting – door swings either into the room or out of the room but, not both

How many adjusting valves are there? 1? 2? 3? 4? 5?

Do you recognize the body and markings on the more popular models? Please refer to markings identification diagram for each model on the product identification page.

Hand of door?


Degree of swing? Most common are 90° or 105°.



Does it hold open?

  • Automatic - always goes into hold open
  • Selective - valve to turn hold open off and on

Can you identify arm? Please refer to the diagram.