General Questions

Where can I buy Rixson products? 

Find a sales office here.


Where can I find installation videos?

All of our instructional videos are available in our Video Library or on Youtube


How can I contact customer service or technical support?

You can find all of our contact information on our Contact Us page.


Where can I find product catalogs?

You can access our product catalogs easily on our Digital Library!


How do I know if my door is Offset or Center Hung?

See the differences on our Floor Closer Types page


Do you have a Cross-Reference chart for your products?

We have cross-references for our different product types on this page.


When do I use a Floor Door Closer vs a Gate Closer? 

We have a technical application guide here


Who do I contact if I have a unique door application?

You can contact our technical department through the form on the Design Support page


What are some common abbreviations used in the builder's hardware field?

 1. Associations Involved in Building Codes

NFPA - National Fire Protection Association

UBC - Uniform Building Code

BOCA - Building Officials and Code Administrators

SBCC - Southern Building Code Conference


2. Testing Laboratories - (Door and Hardware Field)

UL - Underwriter's Laboratories

ULC - Underwriter's Laboratories of Canada

WHI - Wernock Hersey, Inc.


3. Doors and Hardware Association

DHI - Door and Hardware Institute

AHC - Architectural Hardware Consultant


4. Miscellaneous

ADA - Americans with Disabilities Act


5. Terms/Suffixes

See our term cheat sheet here