Door Out of Plumb - Offset

 Check clearance between door and frame

Is the door hitting the frame before it is completely closed and latched? Check for wear spots or grooves worn into edge of door.

There should be uniform clearance between the vertical edges of the door and frame (1/8" is ideal). The top of the door   should also clear the frame.

The frame should be firmly anchored to prevent movement.

Reinforcing at intermediate and/or top pivot must be attached securely and fasteners tightened.

Center hung applications allow horizontal door adjustment at the bottom arm through the heel edge of the door.


Does the door require an extra "push" to fully latch? (This causes extra wear on the pivot bearings)

Open door slightly to check for excess movement at the top pivot. If the pivot is securely fastened and still allows "slop,"   the pivot may need to be replaced.

The door may be "out of plumb." Check alignment with a plumb bob. Centerline of top pivot must be in line with   centerline of closer spindle.

Make sure there are no obstructions such as weatherstrip or a misaligned latch and strike.

Correct any obstructions before attempting to adjust closer.