Door Sagging - Vertical Height Adjustment

Vertical height adjustment

Check the clearance between bottom of the door and the floor. The door should not be dragging on the floor. If the door needs to be raised to provide clearance, shims can be inserted at the bottom to accomplish this.

 For CENTER HUNG applications, shims must be inserted between the ARM PLATE "H" and the bottom of the cutout. The   door needs to be removed for shims to be added. See installation instructions.

For most OFFSET applications, 1/16" shims can be added without removing the door. Remember that the weight of the   door must bear on the bottom arm, not on the intermediate pivot (if used).

 1) Loosen the ARM LOCKING SCREW on the offset bottom arm.
 2) Raise the door by lifting the bottom of the door with a crowbar (or by removing the cover cap on the intermediate pivot and turning the pivot pin screw clockwise).
 3) While the door is held in the raised position, insert the required quantity of shims (P/N 275065) directly beneath the    bottom arm.
 4) Relieve the tension on the crowbar (or intermediate pivot) and allow the bottom arm to carry the entire weight of   the door.
 5) Re-tighten the ARM LOCKING SCREW.