Weather Changes & Closing Speed Adjustment

Adjust Closing Speed Valve(s) to Proper Speed



Check door and frame for conflicts and correct them

 Does anything interfere with door that may prevent it from closing?

• Door and frame alignment/building settlement

• Misaligned latch/strike

• Weatherstrip

• Threshold or carpeting

• Severe wind or air pressure conditions


Identify and locate valves

The door may need to be opened slightly to access the valves. Use proper size screwdriver – do not  remove valves.


Determine proper closing and latch speed

• Any door’s speed should be adjusted to suit conditions.

• Exterior doors and doors with latching hardware - faster latch speed.

• Interior doors and doors with push-pull hardware - slower latch speed.

• Location and usage of the door are primary factors - some codes identify minimum closing times for    accessibility requirements.

• Floor closers on EXTERIOR DOORS may require seasonal adjustments. 

Cold weather - increase closing speed (CCW). 

Hot weather - decrease closing speed (CW).


Valve Location Diagrams