Door Removal

Before demounting the door, it is helpful to turn the closing speed valve down to its slowest setting (do not force). This will prevent the closer spindle from turning too quickly while the door is being removed.


Offset hung doors will usually allow the door to be lifted off the closer spindle without interference from the frame.

 1) Open the door slightly.
 2) Remove the screws from the FRAME PORTION of the intermediate pivot(s).
 3) Remove the cover cap(s) from the knuckle of the TOP PIVOT to access the top pivot pin. (If the pin is held in place by a    set screw, loosen the set screw.)
 4) While the door is being held, remove top pivot pin and allow door to lean toward you until the door can be lifted    straight up. (Intermediate pivot frame portion should fall out at this point.)
 5) Lift door (with bottom arm and door portions of intermediate and/or top pivot still attached to door) off   closer spindle.