Door Thickness - Suffix 1-3/4", 2", 2-1/4", 2-1/2", or 3"

When ordering L series pivot for lead lined doors, the thickness of the door must be given. The purpose of the L product is to have screws spaced so they straddle the lead in the center of the door. Also used when lead lining is under the skins of the door. Recommended for use on extra heavy or high traffic doors.


Electrolynx®   Connectors - Suffix QC - Number of Wires

The plug-in connectors, with easy color coded wire system, eliminate matching wires. Must be used with ASSA ABLOY doors, frames and hardware. Available 4,6, 8, or 12 wires for most products.


Extended Spindle - Suffix extra length needed

Any special coverings or severe door undercuts will affect the spindle height. In these applications, an extended spindle may be required. Most standard spindle heights accomodate door undercuts up to 2" longer than standard. See template.


Fire Rated - Prefix F

Pivots for fire rated doors (up to 3 hours) include a steel top pivot and must have additional steel intermediate pivots. For F159 pocket pivot, door assemblies must have been tested with pocket pivots.



All offset pivots and pivot sets are handed. Suffix RH or LH.


Less Top Pivot - Suffix LTP

For conditions requiring special top pivots or for arch top doors, the pivot set should be ordered less top pivot - LTP. For offset installations, an additional load bearing intermediate (side jamb) M190 pivot is required. All intermediate pivots for that opening should be M190's, not M19's.


1-1/2" Offset - Suffix 1-1/2

Offset is the distance from the face of the door to the pivot point. Extended offsets should not be used unless there is cladding on the face of the door or there is trim to clear on the frame. 1-1/2" offset arms and pivots are for doors with cladding or trim that projects 3/4" from the face of the door. The greater the offset the less weight can be carried by the pivot.


Special Layouts - Suffix SPLO#

Unique installations or specially engineered products are called special layouts. These numbers must be assigned by the technical product support department and they must be called out specifically by their number when ordering. 


Twenty-minute label - Suffix 20

This UL rating is for 20-minute assemblies. Product with this rating has an authorized label.