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When it comes to specialty door controls, Rixson is the trusted choice for architects, builders, and designers. We offer customized solutions for unique design requirements—making it easy to upgrade even the most challenging openings. Discover how Rixson can help you upgrade your doors today.

Checkmate Stops & Holders

Want to reduce touchpoints but don't need a closer? Upgrade with an overhead stop and holder. The Rixson line of Checkmate Stops & Holders keep doors open during high traffic times to reduce touchpoints throughout your facility while protecting your door, frame, and other hardware. 

Upgrade to A Checkmate Stop & Holder

Electromagnetic Door Holders/Closers

Designed for virtually any remote door release application, electromagnetic door holders/closer can be be tripped by an alarm or smoke detector or triggered by a remote switch to release in times of emergency. 

Explore Electromagnetic Door Holder/Closers

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